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Stun Gun In Kartarpur India


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    Stun Gun In Kartarpur
    Stun Gun In Kartarpur

What Is Stun Gun? and Why stun gun is important?

Stun gun are very important in today’s age because we can see that the society has gone wild everyday there are reports about sexual harassments and rape against women and it has become difficult for women to work or to get education. So, stun guns provide the safety every women needs when they are alone. This device when used on others can give them shock and paralyze them for about half an hour so that one can move to a safer place or call for help and the most important thing is that these devices never injures fatally. Stun guns in Kartarpur are introduced now but it should have been introduced much earlier as it could have avoided the tag of rape-capital of our country.

Now, there are products like stun batons which are longer than normal stun guns and so they are kept in cars and scooties when women travel alone. And there are also lipstick stun guns which are very handy and kept in hands for easy and instant use as they are small and through this a women can attack a stalker or the harasser quickly.